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He asked me to go to Google Hangouts. I did, the following day he requested me for money. He is a UN doctor on contract in Syria, he wants his private items from Iraq. He requested for $5,500 US dollars then once I mentioned I did not have that type of $ it was dropped to $3,200. He has professed his timeless love for me.

Said he is in Brazil on oil rig. Started asking for Google play cards. Then he said machine broke down he solely had $20000 with him and desires $10000 extra.

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He is from Europe originally. i used to be in the same situaiton. A man named Duke beliant oil rigger at Total for 19 years connected me via Linkedin and requested me to hitch hangout messenger. He stated he fall in love with me after some day chatting. I also really feel love him because he all say very good words to me. He requested me to call him however then he say simply name, not video name.

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I did a reverse photograph search and did not discover much. I am supposed to MoneyGram $700 to him. I did not need to be a fool but I he sounds so great.

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Already desires marriage and to come to the place I am residing in Asia. But simply this week he had certainly one of his workers made an error which then triggered an explosion. So now he is asking for 1600USD so that his insurance coverage company can replace his necessary machine that was burnt. He sent me his passport and I need to imagine him but am unsure the way to verify his identity and all.

  • Hope he will not come back.

Originally Norwegian, now lives in US California. But his nos is from Dallas Texas.

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He was very quick to profess his love. He advised me about cash he earned that he hadn’t acquired from the UN and needed cash to retrieve the package. He asked me to help and that I would receive the cash again. I paid 3500 for a UN diplomat to convey me the package deal and he was very grateful. Today the UN agent calls me asking for 10,500 dollars to vary ownership of the package deal to me because of customs issues. I told agent to contact the physician.


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